Salvatore Ferragamo

by Dutch Fashion Doll World


Today I saw this amazing jewelry add on the back of the Vogue Accessory. It’s an add for the Ferragamo Shoe Pendant collection. I’m now so inspired to make a 1:6 scale shoe boutique. I love the red classic furniture in the add with the matching shoe boxes and bags. It would be amazing to have these shoes in 1:6 scale. They are all vintage Ferragamo designs.

ImageThis shoe from 1960 was worn by Mayrlin Monroe in the movie Facciamo L’amore.



The Rainbow shoe is a shoe from 1938 that was designed for Judy Garland.

ImageThe Carmen shoe is a design from 1938 and was designed for Carmen Miranda.

ImageThis Design is inspired by a high-soled wooden shoe from the Renaissance Period.

ImageThe left shoe is inspired by a design from the Ching Dynasty and the right shoe is called Honey a design from 1959.


So now looking for some amazing 1:6 shop furniture and shoes.