Silkstone Twins

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Two days ago I was reading the back of the Luncheon Ensemble. And I saw the following sentence “This is one of two Gold Label versions of the Luncheon Ensemble Barbie doll”.

Silkstone Luncheon Ensemble Back Box

One of two?  is their going to be an other version from the Luncheon Ensemble box. So I wrote a mail to Mattel and their answer was ” Thank you for your question. From time to time Mattel does make two different versions of the same doll. Please keep watching Showcase for updates on the “other” Luncheon Ensemble Doll”. I’m so exited that they are going to make her a twin sister. I love the visual effect of putting together two dolls with some small difference. I’m a big fan of al the Silkstone twins and sometimes triplets. 

So I did some research.

2000 2001 The Lingerie Barbie Silkstone

It all started with the Lingerie one and two in 2000. A blond and a brunette. And in 2001 they added the lingerie number three  with black hair and black lingerie with a blue ribbon instead of pink.

2003 Chataine and Capucine Silkstone Barbie

In 2003 Mattel released the Capucine and Chataine doll. These girls were dressed in a beautiful cappuccino-colored evening ensembles with gold embroidery and a fur stole. The difference is that the Capucine is a blond version and that Chataine is a brunette. Chataine is also a platinum edition. A limited edition from 600. I really love these girls an have them both in my collection.

2003 Sunday Best City Smart Silkstone Barbie

In 2003 Mattel added Sunday Best and City Smart to the Silkstone collection. This is the first Silkstone twins were one of the girls (Sunday Best) is African-American. I think City Smart is the most famous Silkstone doll. Some people call her the Holy Grail. She is a platinum edition of 600 dolls. This doll special made for the Japanese market.

2004 45th Anniversary Silkstone Barbie

In 2004 Mattel released the 45th Anniversary  Silkstones. They’re triplets there is a blond a brunette and an African-American girl. The brunette comes in a special giftset that also includes a Ken doll Silkstone. These girls are for some reason my least favorite Silkstones. I think it’s the dress. The 45th Anniversary print is to modern in my opinion.

2004 Joyeux Silkstone Barbie

In 2004 Mattel also released the Joyeux Silkstone. A blond one and a redhead. The redhead is a platinum edition of 999. I have the blond one but I hope to find a redhead one day because I think she is so pretty.

2005 The Nurse Silkstone Barbie

In 2006 Mattel added the Nurse Barbie to the Silkstone collection. The African-American doll was a BFC exclusive that year so she is more difficult to find. These girls a part of the Silkstone Career line.

2005 Trace of Lace Silkstone Barbie

In 2005 Mattel released the Trace of Lace twins. A brunette and a blond version. The blond is a platinum edition from 500 and is also special made for the Japanese Market. A lot people think that City smart is more rare but I see her sometimes for sale on Ebay and Barbie dealers. But I never see trace of lace for sale on Ebay or somewhere else……

2007 The Soiree Silkstone Barbie

In 2007 Mattel added the Soiree Barbie to the Silkstone collection. There is a black hair and a blonde version. The black hair version is wearing a blue dress and the blond one is wearing the same dress but then in pink. I love this doll. I added her recently to my collection. The pink Soiree is also a platinum edition of 999. I also think the pink Soiree is the ultimate Silkstone Barbie with her blond hair and a beautiful pink dress. She is really iconic.

2009 Debut Barbie Silkstone

In 2009 Mattel released the Debut Silkstone. This lady is inspired on the first Barbie doll ever. There is a blond , a black hair and an African american version. The Debut Silkstone with the black hair is also a platinum edition. She was the Paris Convention doll that year and was released in an edition of 354 dolls. I’m very proud to have these triplets in my collection.

2009 Golden Gala Silkstone Barbie

The last twins Mattel produced are the Golden Gala twins. This was in 2009. There is an African-American and a blond version. This doll was the convention gift at the 50th Anniversary Barbie Gala in Washington. They are both platinum editions of 600. I have the blond version and I would love to find the African-American doll. But I think she is more difficult to find.

So 2009 was the last year that Mattel released a twin or tripling for the Silkstone line. And now we know that there is coming an other twin this year. We already saw one of the sisters and she is great. So for now it’s only fantasizing how her sister is going to look. Maybe blond, brunette, African-American or a different color outfit.

Barbie silkstone Twins 5

And the big question is when would she be released. I think think it’s going to be the doll from the Paris doll convention this year. We already know it’s going to be a Silkstone. And I also think there is a big chance that there will be another twin this year. Because the doll from the Italian doll convention is also a Silkstone.

So for the Silkstone collectors who love the twins it’s going to be a great year.