Barbie Vogue 1:6 Scale

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today I Made some Vogue Magazines in Barbie size. Here I show you how to make them yourself.

ImageFirst scan in a vogue cover back and side and scale them in 1:6. I used a Barbie vogue cover I found on the internet and on the back I put a Suzy Goose Barbie furniture advertisement. If you want to use this combination just send me an email and I will send you a link so you can download it. Now make some cuts in the side So its easy to place your ruler. First cut the lining from the side of the magazine. But not through the paper. Now fold the side of the magazine.  And then cut out all the magazines.Image

For the pages inside the magazine I use a roll of pattern paper. This is really thin and cheap. I cut through the whole roll. And then place some stir sticks on it and cut it a little bit smaller then the size of the sticks. Then I place a magazine cover around the paper to see how many pages I need to fill it up.

ImageThen I cut one side of the paper really straight and press it together between the stir sticks. The paper should stick out like 2mm. Then you take a little metal saw and make a lot of little cuts in the paper.

ImageNo you take some glue and rub it really into the cuts. When the glue is dry you can take the paper out.

ImageNo put some glue on the inside of the magazine en glue it on the back of the inside paper. Let it dry and cut it clean.


And voila some magazines for the girls.