Barbie Fan Club Exclusive

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Yesterday evening a got an email from a friend saying that probably not Cocktail but Boater Ensemble is going to be the Milan Convention doll. I was so happy by this news. Ok again I was wrong with predicting the convention doll but Boater Ensemle Barbie is my favorite from this year so how cool is it that there will be an other variation.


So I checked out the Bulletin Board on the Barbie Collector Site and yes it was true. Some collectors already received there Cocktail and Boater Ensemble from Mattel (you Americans are so lucky because I have to wait 2 more weeks 😉 ) and on the back from Boater Ensemble so not Cocktail Mattel says that this doll is one of two gold labels. Just like they put on the back of the Luncheon Box. And that turned out to be the Paris convention doll. So friends on the Bulletin Board asked me to do a quick photoshop version from the Boater Ensemble in a White suit and with red or blond hair.


But then I was looking to the other post on the Boater Ensemble and I was shocked. Almost nobody liked it that she maybe going to be the convention doll. And the main reason was that she was the Barbie Fan Club Exclusive.

Ok what is a Barbie Fan Club Exlusive or a BFC doll. This is what Mattel says about it:

  BarbieSM Fan Club Exclusive
Barbie® dolls sold by Mattel through the online shop, and available only to members of the BarbieSM Fan Club.

This is really a Silkstone thing I think. Ok there are other Barbie lines who have the BFC dolls but I think Silkstone has the most. from 2004 they did at least one doll a year. Here an overview from the past years.

Barbie Fan Club Exclusive 1

So as a member of the Barbie Collector Club you can buy these dolls. But that was not the reason for me to join this club. I love the forums, all the information, meeting people with the same passion online and of course the exclusive previews. As a member you can just buy one. But I think it’s no problem if you want this doll and you are not a member. You can buy them almost everywhere when they are released. The most of the Barbie dealers will have them and then of course Ebay. The only thing is that you probably have to pay a lot more then buying them directly from the Barbie Collector site. But as a European collector we are used to that 😦

So are these dolls so Exclusive ? no I think not even the edition size of the most of these dolls are quit big. Boater Ensemble has an edition size from 8000.

And how cool is it that there is going to be an other variation ! I just love this. And they do it a lot in the Silkstone collection. I just think its’s great putting these twins together.

But I was the most shocked that some people think it’s lazy/easy from Mattel to do a variation on a doll for the convention. I always thought that when the convention doll was made by Mattel that this was just a great gift. We don’t buy the doll we just get it as a present how amazing is that. And doing a new doll for every convention would be impossible. Then these gift would become so expensive for Mattel. So When they are going to give people a Silkstone doll I can can imagine that they do a variation.

So I think it’s great that we get a variation on a really cool doll in Milan. And as a club member it doesn’t bother me at all that it’s a variation on the BFC doll. Because the original doll is still “exclusive” for the members (and for everyone else 😉 )

And still until the Milan Barbie doll is revealed nothing is for sure.