Designer Chat Video

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I’m so glad that I joined the Barbie Collector Fan Club this year. The bulletin boards are really cool they have all kind of topics. And it’s a great way to meet new people with the same passion. By joining this club you get a lot of extra’s. You get the opportunity to purchase 4 Club-exclusive dolls, $80,00 shop reward a year, a great gift (this year it’s a cool Silkstone Dress Form) and exclusive sneak peaks.

This year they introduce the Quarter Designer Video.  this year they will show the members 4 video’s. Every video a Barbie Designer will answer some questions that members post on the bulletin board. They launched the first video today. And the designer that answer some questions in the video was Robert Best.

designer video nt1

Robert best showed / told us some cool sneak peeks for this year. But this is only for members so I can’t tell anything about it on this blog.

But when I was watching something really cool happen at the end of the video. I heard my name and my question was answered !!!

designer video nr2

First I was a little bit confused. Was it my name ? Yes yes HOW COOL. So if you want hear the answer to this question go to the Barbie Collector site. And if you’re not a member yet SIGN UP. It’s such a great club.