Making doll hats

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Here some instructions for making doll size hats from hat straw.

First make a hat form out of clay. I used an old plastic Playline Barbie hat for the scale. Let the clay dry and wrap it in to some thin plastic. Twist and tape the plastic at the bottom so you can easy remove the clay form when the hat is ready.


Now I take some hat straw. You can buy this in a lot of colors at miniature shops.


I like to work with two different colors in one hat so you get a striped pattern. Pin down the first color all around the clay hat.


Now the glueing starts. I use wood glue because it’s great on natural fibers. I use this plastic glue container with a very narrow opening so you can glue very precisely.


Take the second color hat straw and glue it on the beginning of the first color. Then put some glue on the top of the first color and place the second color on it. Pin it down with some needles and just glue the new layer on until you get back at your starting point.


Now it’s easy just follow the form of the hat and glue the straw on top of each other and work your way to the top.



The end is always the most difficult part. I first pin it down without any glue so I know were to cut the straw. And try to make a nice circle with the final color to close it.


 Let it dry for some minutes an then you can slowly remove the clay form.


Your hat is ready now and if you want you can decorate it with some flowers or a bow.



So I hope you will try it out and make some great hats for your girls.