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by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Tomorrow there is a very famous “mini” Barbie convention  in the Marriott Hotel, Livonia in Michigan US. This convention is organized by The great Lakes Doll Club. This doll club started in 1982. They have club meeting every month. And organize several events true the year. Their ‘mini’ convention is one of the most famous conventions in the world. It’s a three day event with a convention gifts, convention doll, special guest speakers, a charity auction, competition an a raffle room. They are the longest running mini convention out there.

In last years a lot of the conventions dolls were customized Silkstone dolls. Here I will show you an overview of these girls.

Original Photo’s are Courtesy of Mary Drexler.


in 2007 it started with Diva of the Nile. Her edition is 275 and her make-up was done by Melissa Windham.


In 2009 it was Golden Enchantment a former Tout de Suit Silkstone. her edition size is 274 and her make-up was done by Melissa Windham.

ImageIn 2010 it was Gallery Opening. Her make-up was done by Melissa Windham and Cheryl Jax en the jewelry was designed by Debra Forde. Her edition size is 270.


In 2011 it was Romance on the High Seas she is a former  Palm Beach Swimsuit Silkstone. Her edition size  is 274 and her make-up was done by Melissa Windham and her dress is a design from Lisa Lackie. Image

Last year it was Broadway Beauty a former Palm Beach Breeze silkstone. Her edition size is 265. Her make-up was done by Angie Gill of Gilly Galls and her dress is a design by Steven Fraser of Dressmaker Details.


This year theme is Springtime in Paris.


And I’m really excited about the convention doll. So this weekend you can find me behind my computer. Watching all the blogs and flickr account just waiting fore the first collector will make a picture and post her online.


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