Chanel “Once Upon A Time….”

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I just saw the most beautiful inspiring short film ever. It’s the new film Once Upon A Time…. By Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. I think it’s his third short film but this one is my favorite now.


The film is about the begin time from Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Bonheur) when she opened a shop in Deauville.

Here a short story about the film that Chanel published on their website:

Once Upon a Time…
A short film imagined, written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld

Once upon a time… Gabrielle Chanel (Keira Knightley), 1913.
That year, with financial support from her lover at the time Boy Capel (Jake Davis), the couturier opened a new boutique in Deauville on the Rue Gontaut-Biron, opposite the Casino. On the façade of the boutique there are black letters against a white background: GABRIELLE CHANEL.

In this short film we see how Gabrielle Chanel, helped by her Aunt Adrienne (Clotilde Hesme), revolutionised ladies’ wear, while outlining what was to become the silhouette of the modern woman.

In the beginning she offered simple, lightweight hats, quite the opposite to the styles of the era. The clients, seduced by this new fashion proposition, soon flocked to her boutique. Very quickly Gabrielle Chanel started selling comfortable and elegant clothes inspired by fabrics that until then had been reserved for menswear, such as jersey. She instantly rendered the corsets and hobble skirts passé, offering women freedom of movement.
Quickly a clientele thirsting for modernity thronged through the shop doors, as they sought to capture her innovative style that was so unlike anything they’d seen before.
Among them were actresses and aristocrats who shone in high society and who paved the way for Gabrielle Chanel’s fame: Lady de Grey (Stella Tennant), a patron of the arts and literature, and great friend of Oscar Wilde, Ida Rubinstein (Caroline de Maigret), Russian dancer and patron, the writer Vita Sackville-West (Saskia de Brauw), the actress Jacqueline Forzane (Ashleigh Good) and the actress Eve Lavalllière.

On screen we also see the men who mattered in Gabrielle Chanel’s life her great love Boy Capel (Jake Davis), the polo player and lifelong friend Etienne Balsan (Brad Kroenig) and the caricaturist Sem (Olivier Saig), without forgetting her nephew André Palasse (Hudson Kroenig), who she brought up as her own son.

Once Upon a Time recalls the past, explores anecdotes, imagines conversations and reinvents reality. It shows Coco at her most avant-garde.

Once Upon a Time… is available on

I just love that it’s al in black and white. And normally I’m not a big fan of model’s that are acting but in this film the combination of models and real actors really works great.

Here are some timeframes I took from the film.





If you want to see the movie you can watch at online at the Chanel Site.

and put it on full screen because there is so much to see.

After seeing this film I was wondering wouldn’t it be wonderful If Karl Lagerfeld would design some Chanel Barbies for Mattel.

We already have some barbies that were inspired by Chanel like:


City Style 1993


Toujours Couture and Preferably Pink 2008.

But a real collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Mattel would be great. I think he would be interested in designing some dolls. Just take a look at this.


A Coco Chanel Rag doll that he designed in 2011 and a Be@rbrick from 2006.


A Steiff Karl Lagerfeld doll from 2008

So Mattel just give Karl a Call 😉