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by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Barbie and Fashion. Two words that belong together. From the starting days from Barbie the Mattel designers got inspired by the big European designers. And translated these looks to some great fashions for this girl. Here some examples from the inspiration and the outfits from those days.

vintage Barbie

Givenchy – Barbie Gay Parisienne

Balenciaga – Red Flare

Balenciaga – Career Girl

So when they started with the Silkstone line in 2000 it was only logical that they hold on to this tradition and the the fashion for these girls were inspired by the designers from 50ties and 60ties

On the Bulletin Board there is this great topic where people post images from Barbie Dolls with images from fashion that could be the inspiration. And it inspired me to do this post. While I was looking for some vintage Balenciaga images I found this lace dress that look very similar to our new Cocktail Dress Barbie.


Balenciaga 1957 – Cocktail Dress 2013

And this suit from Marcel Dhorme reminded me at Boater Ensemble.


Marcel Dhorme 1944 – Boater Ensemble 2013

So I think we have two new ones.

Here an overview from some older Silkstone dolls with there inspiration. Some of you already know them but I thought it will give a nice overview.


Dior spring / summer 2011 – Gala Gown 2012


Givenchy Couture spring / summer 2011 – Evening Gown 2012


Dior  autumn / winter 2010 – Afternoon Suit 2012


Alexander McQueen Couture fall / winter 2010 – Darya 2011


Valentino spring / summer 1968 – Palm Beach Coral 2010


Chanel – Toujours Couture 2008


Balenciaga 1951 – The Siren 2007


Dior 1957 – Blush Becomes Her Fashion 2001


Delores Gray in the Movie Designing Woman 1957 – Grace Kelly Life magazine cover 1955 – Delphine 2000