The Great Gatsby

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I just got home from the cinema. I went to :


Omg what a great movie. For me it’s already the movie from the year. I was already a big fan from the book and the original film from 1974 with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. But the new movie is so amazing. I have to again because there is so much to see. The sets are amazing so much details and the styling is breathtakingly beautiful.


This jewelry piece from Tiffany & Co was my favorite. It’s called The Savoy headpiece. Here some more pictures from the movie.



For me the best parts from the movie were the party’s. I loved the music and the modern touch they put in the styling. Of course everything is in the style from The Roaring Twenties but with an edgy modern look.

So now I want a Barbie in this style. So I went online to look if Mattel made some flapper dresses in the past.


1920’s Flapper – 1993

Grande Dame – 2007

Society Hound – 2001

Bob Mackie The Charleston – 2001

Dance ’til Dawn – 1998

Ok they are great dolls and in style with this period but I’m looking for something from now. Just like the movie. I need a flapper dress with a modern edge.

But there is hope. Because I found this sketch from Robert Best.


This sketch is from the book The Fashion File. Wouldn’t it be great if he turned this sketch into a Silkie. I just know that he will give her that edge. He does the same with his fifties inspired fashion girls.

But don’t forget the amazing OOAK artists that we have. I just now that we will see a lot of great Roaring Twenties dolls this year. Because when you see this movie it just inspire you. I already found the first one.


With the premiere from the movie the designers from the Black Swan Company released this amazing doll. The Black Swan Charleston.

The doll is a prototype, the first and most refined version, of the same doll who will be released with variations in a very limited edition available at their site.

Here the official description of the doll:

The doll has the classic 1920 hairdressing, with a black brand around her head with feathers on the right and enriched by Original Black and Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals. Her dress is made by pleated organza and satin fabric beaded with tons of rhinestons and Original Swarovski elements. The underside part of the dress is trimmed with carved satin and beaded with tons of chains made by Swarovkski and beads, same chains can be found on her chest, on the back of her pearl necklace. The classic pearl necklace is very opulent, with a very intricate twist of the 3 pearl chains. The chain on the centre is tied by a swarovki jewel. The chains are very long, based on the history, charlestons used to grab and roll the chains during dancing. Her fur coat is the most dramatic part of the doll, long from shoulder to toe, made by the most fine coat and swan feathers. The fur coat makes the doll a true Noir Diva. Her fishnet stockings are enriched by a swarovski on the top part and her shoes are studded with ultra tiny black and white Swarovski with a bow in the middle and strings banded together back near her ankle. The Charleson keep on her lef hand a purse and on her right hand she is smoking a cigarette attached on her vintage cigarette holder just like a femme fatale. The cigarette is lighted up thank to red glitters who gives the illusion of a real burning cigarette.

For more information about this doll: