Italian Doll Convention Part 1

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

This weekend I went to the Italian Doll Convention in Milan and I had such a great time. I will do several posts about this convention because I have to much to tell.

It al started Saturday morning when my taxi driver woke me up. Yes I overslept and I almost missed my connection to the airport.

But at 11:00 I arrived at the Melia Milano hotel.Image

What a great location for a convention. This very Italian Hotel looked almost like a set from the movie The Titanic.

I went directly to registrations and got this cool goodie bag.

ImageThere was a meeting from the DCCI. And Antonio Russo president from the Doll Collectors’ Club Italia held this great lecture about the history of fashion dolls. The presentation was just great. I never new that there were so many different fashion dolls. The presentation was giving by this very passionate Italian collector who have this amazing knowledge about the history of the fashion dolls.


When I went went back to my room there was again a surprise from the IDC waiting for me. A goodie bag full with great snacks.


From 13:00 until 17:00 you could go to the “Make Up Section with Glitter”.  Here the Italian Make-up Artist Stefania Tranchino gave many guest a beautiful Barbie makeover.

At 17:45 the Fashionshow started. I went to a lot of fashion shows for my work but I never saw a show where people had this much fun. The presentation was done by Alessandro Gatti from Artist Creation.



After the fashionshow there was this great Cocktail party. And at 19:45 the Gala Diner started.

And what a event was this. The room was beautiful decorated and all the table hosts were waving with the numbers of the table.


I was at table nr 9 and we had a great spot just close to the stage. My table was a very international with collectors from Spain, Swiss, China, Ireland and Holland, My table lady was the fabulous Monica from the “Fashion Dolls Coleccionistas Madrid.

The event started with some great performances from dancers and singers.  And during the diner there were presentation from the IDC, Mattel and Robert Best (more about this later this week).

Her a picture from our table piece a Gorgeous Ooak Steffie Barbie.


It was an evening full of fun and with a lot of gifts.

The next morning the Sales room started at 9:30. And this was doll heaven. I spend hours just looking.

Milan 4

There was also a Raffle room with amazing prices, a OOAK artist competition and a Bob Mackie exposition.


This amazing Sketch from Bob Mackie was one of the prices at the  Raffle Room.

I have so much more to tell and share from this experience but I will save this for some later posts. I took a lot of pictures and if you are interested you can see them on my Flickr account.


So if you ever have the chance to go to this convention do it ! It had such a great time.

And like Madonna said : Italians Do It Better !!!

for more information about the convention