Italian Doll Convention part 6

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

When the London artists Desmond Lingard and Charles Fegen attending a doll convention you just now they will bring some Haute Couture to the event. These two artist donated one of their amazing Sybarites dolls for the IDC Ebay auction that took place the week before the convention started.


This lady of couture named Gladrama had so much bidding action and raised a lot of money for Caza Oz.

At the registration on Saturday I found these great Sybarites goodies in my registration bag.


A very nice Sybarites doll fan and a metallic green t-shirt with a print specially designed for the IDC. That same day collectors could get a Sybarites outfit that had a limited edition of 15 pieces.

I love talking to Sybarites collectors I think they are one of the most dedicated doll collectors. They have so much passion for these dolls. They are also the collectors that were the first standing in line for the sales room the next day. That day there was a very limited Sybarites doll available called Seance. Her edition is only 20 dolls.




I love this power suit. She is a bit Gothic and Punk but in such a feminine way. And look at those amazing stilettos and I know a lot of woman who would love to have that designer bag in their own size.

I also met this great Sybarites collector from Holland. She invited me to her home so I can see her collection. I’m pretty excited about this. Because I would love to learn more about the amazing mysterious world that called Sybarites dolls. I’m also a little bit scared  because if you love haute couture pieces and dolls it’s a virus that you could easily get 😉