Italian Doll Convention Part 7

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

At the Salesroom on Sunday I saw this beautiful Coco Chanel doll.

She reminded me at these antique dolls called Peg wooden dolls also known as Dutch dolls.


I think my favorite photographer Tim Walker is a big fan of these iconic dolls because he use them a lot in his photo shoots.




The Chanel doll that I saw at the salesrooms was a creation from the company OrienteXpress. And this was not the only Chanel inspired doll they had. The whole table was full with Coco dolls.


I really love all the iconic Chanel accessories that these Coco’s had like little Chanel nr5 perfume bottles, pearl necklaces and the Iconic 2.55 handbags. Also every doll had a cigaret in her hands like Coco Chanel had in almost  picture that is ever made from her.


The dolls were available in all different sizes and came in beautiful illustrated boxes. But not only dolls. The OrienteXpress company also had many fun other Coco Chanel items like umbrella’s, fans en pencils all very beautiful handcrafted wooden items.


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