Italian Doll Convention part 9

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

This Is the last of my reports about the Italian Doll Convention 2013. I could go one but then we had to change the name of this blog 😉 So my last report is for all of you who are thinking of going themselves to the IDC next year. I hope I made you enthusiastic with my previous posts. So here in part 9 I will tell you nine reasons to go.

1 This convention is all about having fun.

2 It has such a great and enthusiastic organization and you feel their love for this event during the whole convention.

3 It’s really worth your money. I’m still impressed how they got this great event together.

4 Even if you are going on your own from the minute you will enter the hotel your not alone anymore.

5 The program is full of fun things to do like lectures, competitions, a fashion show, a raffle room and many, many more

6 The Gala diner is a great experience full of entertainment one of the many highlights of this event.

7 You will find the best Ooak artists of the world at one place.

8 They have the most amazing convention dolls for the last 3 years.


9 And like Madonna said “Italians Do It Better”.

So I hope I see your there next year. the have this great theme

IDC goes Orient.


I’m really excited about this theme I love the girls in kimono’s.

So keep checking the website and Facebook page from the IDC. They will give an update about next years event at the end of august.