Inspired by 2

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

A few weeks ago I did a post called “Inspired by” It’s about the tradition of Barbie designed inspired by famous fashion designers.

And I think I found an other one that I just had to show you. I was doing some research (for my next post) ehen I saw this vintage Givenchy Couture ball gown that Audrey Hepburn worn in the opera scene of “Love in the Afternoon from 1956. And this ball gown immediately reminded me of the Party Dress Silkstone from last years Atelier Collection.


The dress was auctioned in209 and its price was estimated around 6500.00 British pounds.


Hepburn gave the dress to her friend Tanja Star-Busmann as a present when Tanja gave birth to her daughter in 1958. It arrived in a large cardboard box with a note attached stating that Audrey thought it might remind Tanja what it was like to have a waistline again.