Ikea for Barbie ?

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

One of my favorite design blogs is Dezeen. And today they published this very interesting piece about miniature furniture from Ikea.


They are going to make miniature versions from their most popular items.


This miniature set is called Husset and will cost around 18 dollar and be available in shops at the beginning of August.

When we take a look at the pictures we see the Kippan sofa in bright pink, Lack table in green, Vago chair in yellow, The Expedit shelving unit, Famnig Hjarta cushion and the Stockholm Carpet.

The set also contains some paper cutout pieces witch includes the Pendel clock, Lampan lamp, Ung Drill mirror and some other accessories .


But what is the scale of this furniture set. At some sites they call these pieces 1:15 scale. But I never heard from this scale in miniature land. I:6 scale is Barbie (they also call it play scale) 1:12 is dollhouse scale and 1:14 is a dollhouse in a dollhouse. And when I look at this picture and see the coffee cup and the pen in front of the picture it looks more like 1:6 scale than 1:15. But I’m not sure.

Personally I’m interested in the Vago chair. I think it would be a great prop for my Palm Beach Honey Silkie. I love the color and the 70ties feeling of this chair.


When I know more about the scale off these miniatures I will write an update over here.