Yves Saint Laurent Paper Dolls

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Since Yesterday the Foundation Pierre  Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent opened the French designer’s archives to the public online.

The Fondation Pierre Bergé– Yves Saint Laurent was created in 2002 and have his headquarters at 5, avenue Marceau in Paris. This is also the place where the duo started their couture house in 1974. This foundation has 5000 garment, 15000 accessories and tens of thousands other designs that they have carefully conserved. But because a lot of these pieces are so fragile they can’t put permanently on display.  And now thanks to a digital initiative from the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, people all over the world will have access to fashion history.

The first online exposition is about paper dolls. At the age of 16 Yves Saint Laurent created an amazing collection of paper dolls. He used pictures from models and combined them with his sketches.

Foto by: François Pagès

All images in this post are courtesy of  The Fondation Pierre Bergé– Yves Saint Laurent


Between 1953 en 1955 Yves Saint Laurent created 11 dolls, 443 outfits, 105 accessories, 7 patterns and two program books for the collections.

And now all these paper dolls with their clothes and accessories are online. You can just choose one of the models and dress them in all these amazing creations.



Here an overview from all the eleven models. Some even have names like Suzy, Bettina, Vera, Florence and Ivy.


When you want to see all the items separately you can click this link.



I think it’s great that they scanned everything in such a high resolution so you can really zoom into the sketches.

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