Ikea Husset

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

A few weeks ago I blogged about the new miniature Ikea furniture called Husset.


I promised to post if knew something more about the official scale and release date.  The scale is 1:8 (I still think this is such a strange scale) and they are in the shop since yesterday ! I don’t know if they are already in the shops in all the Ikea’s worldwide but here in Europe they have them in the most countries. The set is €6.95 so a very good price.

My hubby brought me one set today. So I took some quick pictures with one of my girls to show you the size. Ok now when you see the pictures you maybe think my choice of the Lady and her outfit is a bit strange to promote these furniture pieces but she was close by and is one of my few deboxed Silkies.

And doesn’t sexy sells everything better 😉

9201858263_e904071cf5_h 9204646444_60d26b672f_h 9201855697_3958906111_b

The set is really fun but a little bit to playscale for me. Maybe I will keep the bookcase. This is made from a very nice heavy plastic and I have an idea to give it a makeover so it will become a great piece for my shopgirl Silkie. But the rest of the set will go to our niece.


So I think I will visit my local dollhouse shop this weekend for some materials.