Removing Earrings from Silkstone Ladies

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Yesterday I removed all the earrings from my Silkstone Ladies. I did this because I had my first Silkstone with the beginning of green ears. I saw some horrible pictures on the internet from some dolls where the faces were covert with green. This reaction in the vinyl of the dolls comes from the metal earrings they are wearing. So I didn’t want to risk that and decided to remove all the earrings.

But I’m not a deboxer so it makes it a little bit more difficult.

This is what you need when you decide to get all earings out of your girl

-Soft Towel: When you use this as a surface to work on you won’t damage the boxes.

-Mini grip bags: Here you can put in the earrings and place them in the box.

-Hairdryer: for making the vinyl heads more flexible.

-Soft paper towels to protect the hair of your ladies.

-Cotton buds: To remove dirt from the earrings

-Tweezer or an other small tool: For pulling out the earrings

When you start it’s the most easy to begin with one of the most resent released ladies. These have very easy removable earrings that you can get out just with you fingers. I prefer working with my hands because then you know how much pressure you put on the earrings and the chance is very small that you damage the earrings. Just pull them slowly out of the head and when you see any dirt remove it with some water and the cotton buds. After removing the earrings put them in a small grip bag and place it in the box. Because after 20 dolls it’s hard to remember what earring belongs to what doll.


When you feel any resistance you have to stop pulling . The earring probably has an end that is bend or a knob on the end. For these earrings you had to warm the vinyl of the head.

First I gently put soft paper towels on the hair. I build it up in different layers so I don’t ruin the hairstyle.


Then aim the hairdryer (on an low temperature )on the ears. Not to close and not to long just some seconds. Now the vinyl is more flexible and you can pull the earring out.  When you feel any resistance stop. make the head warm again and try to pull it out. Some times you have to head the head a few times.

There is one type of earrings with a bend back that are the most difficult to remove. You will find these earrings on the older Silkstone Ladies. And there is always a chance that the end is not bend properly but has a v form. When you pull these earrings out the other end of the earring will come out just next to the ear. So always keep looking to the skin around the ear. And stop pulling when you see the end is poking next through the ear. You can try wiggle it a bit and turning until the earring comes out properly. But this is always very risky. I think in this case you can better debox your girl. Cut of the earrings so the ends will fell into the head. Then warm the head and remove it from its body and take out the metal. When you leave the metal inside it’s still can give green spots from the inside out. Then heat the head again and place it back on her body.

I had no trouble with V shape earrings. There was only one time I had a hair issue. Most of the time I still have the hairnets on the dolls. I just couldn’t remove my Lingerie nr5 earring with this net on.  So I removed the hairnet by cutting it and after removing the earrings the hair was a bit puffy. Restyling the hair when a Silkstone is still in the box is difficult. I took a small flat paintbrush and some water. And with some patience I brought the hair back in it’s original form.


For me especially with the older Silkies it was a surprise every time I removed the earrings. A lot of them were ok but some had a lot of dirt and started greening on the metal of the earrings. I was very happy that I didn’t found more green on the faces. But it started me thinking that it would be very handy if there was a list with all the Silkstone’s with the kind of earrings they have. So then you know what you’re dealing with before you remove them.

So I started this list. And for now it’s not complete because I don’t have the complete Silkstone collection. But every time I get some new information I will add it to this list. And when it’s complete I will type complete in the title of this post. So if you know the shape of the earrings from girls that are still not on my list. Please mail me and I will update the list.



-F Mermaid

-D Cocktail Dress

-D Luncheon Ensemble

-D Luncheon Ensemble Paris Convention

-D Boater Ensemble

-D Boater Ensemble Milan Convention


-D Gala Gown

-D Evening Gown

-C Party Dress

-F Walking Suit

-F Afternoon Suit

-F Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

-E Elizabeth Taylor Violet

-F Fuchsia ‘N Fur Francie

-D Kity Corner Francie


-D Darya

-F Verushka

-F Mila

-F Ekaterina

Grace Kelly The Romance

Grace Kelly The Bride

Nighty Brights Francie

Check Please ! Francie


-D Tribute

-D Palm Beach Coral

-D Palm Beach Breeze

-D Palm Beach Honey

-D Joan Holloway

-D Betty Draper


-D Stunning in the Spotlight

-C/D in between,Prima Ballerina

-D Golden Gala CC

-D Golden Gala AA

-C Parisienne Pretty

-B Southern Belle

Gal On The Go

-D Debut AA

-D Debut CC

-D Debut Raven


The Artist

-D The Shopgirl

-C The Showgirl

Je Ne Sais Quoi

-F Market Day

-E Preferably Pink

-E Haute Monde

Toujours Couture

Tout De Suite


-F The Soiree

-F The Soiree

The Interview

-D Hollywood Hostess

Th Teacher

-B Movie Mixer

The Siren

The Usherette

-F Red Hot Reviews

-B Hollywood Bound

The Ingenue



Lady of the Manor

The Nurse AA

The Nurse CC

Tweed Indeed

-B High Tea and Savories

Pretty Pleats

The French Maid

The Stewardess

The Teacher

The Waitress

Day At The Races

-F Highland Fling



-E Stolen Magic

-E Happy Go Lightly

-E Trace of Lace

-E Trace of Lace blonde

-F Muffy Roberts

Suite Retreat


-F Chinoiserie Red Midnight

-F Chinoiserie Red Sunset

-F Chinoiserie Red Moon

-A 45th Anniversary AA

-A 45th Anniversary CC

45th Anniversary Giftset

-B Joyeux

-B Joyeux Redhead

Trench Setter


-A Sunday Best

-A City Smart

-B Model Life

The Lingerie 6

-A The Spa Getaway

-B Chataine

-B Capucine


-B Lingerie 5

-B Lingerie 4

-B Continental Holiday

Maria Therese

Fashion Designer



Ravashing Rouge

-B Dusk to Dawn


-A Lingerie 3

In The Pink

Fashion Editor



-A Lingerie 2

-A Lingerie 1