Vespa 1:6 scale

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I’m always looking for nice 1:6 scale props and today I found a very cool one online. It’s a New Ray Vespa 150VL 1T from 1955.


It’s from a company called New Ray. I just have to have it and I already know what to do with it. This year Mattel is releasing two Audrey Hepburn dolls. One Silkstone from the movie Sabrina.


And one Vinyl from the movie Roman Holliday.

image from :


I love the preview from the new Audrey Hepburn dolls. And of course I was planning to get the Silkstone. But now I found this scooter I just know that I had to have the Vinyl to. So I can recreate this iconic image from the movie.


Maybe I will use Fashion Insider Sikstone to play the part of Gregory Peck.