Suprise Gift from Malaysia

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I never realizing that beside doll collectors also some of my friends are reading my posts. So you can imagine how surprised I was when a dear friend of mine who just came back from a holiday in Malaysia brought me this gift yesterday morning.

foto 5

Yes it’s the new girl Ball Gown. And she is just gorgeous. I already talked a lot about her in previous posts but I had to share these pictures from this beautiful girl.

foto 1 foto 4 foto 3 foto 2

I love the make-up and her dress is just stunning. Under the dress she wears a black tulle petticoat. When you want to see some great deboxed pictures of this girl you have to go to the website from Angelic Dreamz.  George Gonzalez took the most beautiful pictures of her.

foto 1-1

On the back of the box it says :

BFMC celebrates its 2013 collection direct from the atelier.  Make an unforgettable entrance in a unique and glamorous satin gown. A full skirt, sheer black short sleeves, and beautifully tailored , off-shoulder bodice define the brilliant teal gown. A striking black belt with bow accents her waist. Classic underpinnings include black tulle petticoat and hose. Silvery jewelry adds a touch of sophisticated sparkle.
Her edition size is 5200
That is a small size when you compare this with some other ladies from this year.  Mermaid Gown 10700, Cocktail Dress 14200 and Luncheon Ensemble 16300. So if you really want this girl I would get her fast. There are already stores who sold out and they can’t order more at Mattel.
One other thing, you have to be carefull  when you want to adjust the black belt with the bow. They used velcro to close it.  Velcro and a satin gown is just not the most perfect combination.
Mr M thank you for this great suprise.