Daphne in Disguise

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Last week there was this amazing doll on Ebay. Her name is Daphne in Disguise and she is a creation from the Canadian doll artist Marina Bychkova. The auction was listed for 5 day. But a few hours before the auction ended Ebay removed the auction. The reason was that Ebay thought that this doll was a sex doll and that she wasn’t allowed to list her in the doll category, and not even in the art-doll category.

But Ebay come on !!! This doll is so not a sex doll. It’s an amazing piece of art !!! Ok there was this one picture in the listing that showed full frontal nudity. But it’s art and it’a a porcelain doll. And why remove this doll ? there are dozens of art dolls listings on Ebay showing full frontal nudity in the doll category.

Here are the pictures from the original listing.

daphne-3-682x1024 daphne-8-682x1024 daphne-10-682x1024 daphne-11-682x1024 daphne-682x1024

After removing the nude picture and re-list her again on Ebay in a 1 day auction this amazing piece of art sold for 60,100.00 CAD. The artist donated a part of the proceeds from this auction to the Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.

For the people who love the dolls from this amazing artist but can’t afford them (like me 😉 there is some great news. Next year there will be a new edition from “The Enchanted Doll Book”. There are already 2 English editions from this book. But they were limited editions that sold out very quickly. Sometimes you find hem on Ebay for a lot of money. They edition for next year is expanded with her most recent dolls. And beside a signed limited edition  from 500 there will also be a unsigned edition.


You can already pre-order the unsigned issue with 32% discount on Amazon for $34,00.


I know that this will be one of the books that I will buy next year.

for more information: http://www.enchanteddoll.com