Sybarites Holiday wardrobe

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Yesterday evening Superdoll Collectibles London annaunced 3 new edition outfits.  So I immediately checked out there website. And there was nothing….. Were they already sold out ? I did saw the mail 10 minutes after it was send. So Iasked around and found out that they weren’t put online yet. So I spend an evening checking the shop again and again. But nothing happened.

This morning at 8:30 they were released. And of course sold out within10 minutes. And I missed it. I didn’t see anything ! That picture in the announcement was so stunning.


Gold and black one of my favorite color combinations.

But thanks to a friend I now have the pictures.

First we have Nocturne: a ball gown and suit giftset.


The price for this set was 900BP

And here is Truffles: a shocking pink cocktail confection.


price: 455BP

And the last fashion in this collection is Hobblisk: a severely ornate multipart ensemble.


price: 530BP

All fashions were limited in a edition of 6 pieces.

Yesterday they also put a new movie on their Youtube Channel.

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-19 om 21.27.50

In this movie you can see the Opera collection. A collection of stunning Ooak creations from 2006.

for more information.