2014 BFC Renewal

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Yesterday Mattel send out a mail about the registration for the BFC 2014. On the 08-01-2014 you can renew your membership. This is a month earlier then the past years. This year I joined the club for the first time and it’s a great club. I love the Bulletin Board and I have to check it every day.


In the mail they showed this gorgeous new doll. Her name is Laser Leatherette and she will be released next Spring. She is a platinum edition and designed by Linda Kyaw. For my collection she is a bit to modern but I really like her red hair and the use of modern techniques like the laser cut leather. I think a lot of people will try to get their hands on this Platinum Beauty.

The Laser cut leather is very popular and we saw it a lot in fashion the last years. Here some of my favorite looks.


Valentino, Marchesa, Giles, Marchesa , Louis Vuitton, Marchesa

But let’s go back to this mail from Mattel. They also announced a new exclusive BFMC Ken ! And with the Alta Moda theme for next year this has to be a very fashionable Ken.

I would love to see a Ken in a outfit inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 collection with all the gold brocades.


Or dressed in a floral print jackets from their 2013 Fall collection.


They also mentioned a new Holliday Hostess doll called Valentine’s Day Barbie. As a member of the club I saw some pictures in a sneak last week and she is stunning. She will be my Valentine date this year 😉 but more about this lady when the pictures are released.

And last but not least a Fantastic Foursome in a Vintage Giftset. This sounds very interesting. Can it be a reproduction from the Barbie Wedding Party Gift set 1964-1965.

Wedding Party Giftset

Wedding Party Giftset1

We will see… What I do know is that I will be renewing my membership 😉

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