Sadie Williams Barbie

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

The British fashion designer Sadie Williams designed 4 Barbies for the Selfridges London Toy shop.


“I wanted to create a Barbie gang of ultra princessy tomboys,” Sadie confirms. “I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, and at the same time I love dressing up. I wanted my Barbies to encapsulate these playful elements by creating special shimmering gowns, each a one-off featuring my hand worked textiles.”

Barbie2HighRes Barbie1HighRes Barbie3HighRes Barbie4bHighRes

The dolls are dressed in gowns that look a lot like the gowns from her real collection that was presented last year.

SadieWilliams_front SadieWilliams_side SadieWilliams_back

These Barbies in a limited edition will be for sale at Selfridges on the first day of London Fashion Week  AW14.

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