Happy BD Venus

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Last Wednesday Superdoll London send out a mail that Venus was just arrived back from Rome and that she was excited to show us her fabulous birthday wardrobe.


To celebrate Venus birthday Superdoll London created a collection of fashions in a very limited edition. The fashions went for sale online these last three days.

They started with this look on Wednesday.


This gorgeous suit called Troccodero and the accessories were sold separate in a limited edition of 9.

The second day these two looks went on sale.


Mon Circo and La Vatica, two gorgeous dresses in a limited edition of 10.

And today it was the grand finale.


The ended this fashion parade with a stunning golden gown called Pompeii in an limited edition of 5.

All the fashions were sold out in minutes. I saw one life online in the shop. And I love it that they posted the images on their Facebook page. La Vatica is my favorite look. And those golden bunny ears from Pompeii are so much fun.

Venus is back on a plane. Of course a luxurious private jet.


Her destination is Pompeii.

It must be fun to be a Sybarite.