by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I love the new promotion pictures from the Fiorella Silkstone. I can’t wait to get this girl. And not only to see her in real life but also to check the back of the box if she is a “variation of two”.

Last you Luncheon Ensemble the first Silkie from 2013 was a variation of two. And it was so much fun to speculate how her twin sister looked like. The variation Luncheon Ensemble became the convention doll from Paris.

paris convention

Also this year the Paris convention doll will be a Silkstone Barbie. So their is a chance that Fiorella is getting a twin sister….

Let’s start with the hair. Both European convention Silkies had a hair variation last year.


The Silkies with the red hair are always my favorites but black raven or a brunette would be also very cool with this look. I would love to have a Silkie with grey hair. But I don’t think it fit with this look.

The paris convention doll from last year also had a variation in the outfit. they mixed the two different fabrics that they used.

Lets play a little bit with Fiorella’s look.


I love the black and over all flower pattern variation.

A variation in the skin tone like the Golden Gala girls would be very cool. I love my AA Silkies.


Fiorella is currently on backorder so we have to wait until the 01-03-2014 so we can check the back of the box. And even then things are never sure. But I like to speculate about these things and play a bit with photoshop πŸ˜‰

And this year 3 conventions in Europe are getting a Silkie. Paris, Milan and Madrid. So I think their is a chance Mattel will do a special doll for Europe in 3 variations