Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2014 part 8

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Here some other highlights from the salesroom at the PFDF.

I loved the Marie inspired dolls and Jewelry from the designer Christine Donnard.


Artist Creations brought some gorgeous ooak dolls from Italy and of course I couldn’t take my eyes of the Silkies they did.



And Gotho did an amazing job with their recreations from the Games of Thrones characters.


It was an honor to meet the fabulous collector Gene Foote. He brought some stunning ladies with him from the US. And I love his new book “For the Love of a Doll”.


And I want to thank my friends from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention.


These guys were everywhere. And I had such an amazing time with them. They were in Paris to share their love for dolls and to promote their fabulous convention in Madrid. The Madrid Fashion Doll Show  Convention will be held on 12 13 and 14 September. I can’t wait to go and party in Madrid.

For more information about this convention: