Who’s that girl ?

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Graphique de France just released the new Barbie 2015 calendar on their site. Like every year the calendar is filled with sketches by Robert Best. But the girl on the cover really excites me.


I never saw this sketch and I’m in love with this look. She looks a bit like Delphine.


It would be so great when this sketch is a sneak from the 2015 Silkstone collection. I love this Vintage Pierre Balmain vibe.

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-14 om 21.47.30

And I think it would be great when the BFMC went back to this style.

I know from previous years that there are always sketches on the Barbie calendar from dolls that were never released. On the back of next year calendar we see a lot of older Silkstone designs, Rush of gold, Pinch of platinum and some sketches that have never been taken in production. But these sketches are not new (not totally sure about the pink and black look from March, I do have the feeling that I saw it before).


The Calendar cost $14.99 and is available on http://www.graphiquedefrance.com