Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Friday

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Last weekend I went to the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention in Spain. The convention was held in the Emperador Hotel in the center of the city.

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During the day there were all kind of lectures in a nearby Fashion School.


And In the evening there was a MOD party at the roof from the hotel.

A lot of people were dressed in MOD style and here is my favorite couple of the night.


Inspired by the Sugar Daddy Silkstone.

The drink of the night was a of course a pink cocktail. And there was  a fashion show with a grand finale  the outfit from last years convention doll “Premiere Beauty”.


The Designer Marcelo Jacob designed two Mod style Barbie’s for the event.

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There were five of each. two of them were prizes for the best dressed guests and the other dolls you could win with a raffle.

At the end of the party all the guests got an outfit from the designer Marcelo Jacob called Chess Mess.

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