Inspiration! The Robert Tonner Collection

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

The auction house specialized in dolls called Theriault’s has a very interesting auction on November 23 in the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. The dolls in this auction are from the private collection of Robert Tonner.

the auction is called “Inspiration! The Robert Tonner Collection”

“Every important doll designer throughout history has drawn inspiration from those who came before. Robert Tonner, considered by most to be the premiere contemporary designer of today’s high fashion dolls, is no exception. His inspiration, he avers, has been the extraordinary fashion ladies of the 1950s, and over several decades he has quietly assembled an important collection of rarities from this period.”

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The catalogue is great eye candy and you can see it online at

In the Foreword Robbert Tonner tells about this collection and explains why he is selling these ladies. The rest of the catalogue is filled with amazing pictures of the 390 items that will go on auction.

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