Japanese Convention Tokyo

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today  Japan had their Barbie convention in Tokyo. And here are the first IRL pictures of this years convention doll.

foto 1

Love the red background in combination with the doll.

foto 2

Japan got this gorgeous redhead/brunette variation from Spotlight on Broadway. So it looks like the US is getting the blonde en the AA doll and all the other convention are getting this beauty.

But this wasn’t the the only premiere in Japan. They had some cool Barbie dolls.

Here is the Cherry Pie Picnic, the first doll in the Willows, Wi serie and designed by Bill Greening

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-24 om 23.50.40

And they had the new Silkies Little Red Dress and Boucle Beauty on display.

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-24 om 23.50.49

An other cool “premiere” was that the Designers from Magia2000 traveled to this convention.

foto 3

Look at these amazing dolls they brought to Japan. Cant wait to see some close-up pictures from these ladies.

foto 4

I hope one day I can go myself.

for more information: www.barbie-fanclub.com/