The perks of Having a Shipping Buddy

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

When you are a collector and live in Europe a shipping buddy in the US is the best. They can help you with purchases from companies that don’t ship to Europe. I’m very lucky to have a shipping buddy and mine is very special. My shipping buddy from the very begin I got into collecting is my dear friend and fellow blogger Rebecca from Inside the Fashion Doll Studio. And this morning she had a big surprise for me on her blog.

Last week I bought a gorgeous repaint/reroot on Ebay from the talented artist Xiaolan. First she traveled to my friend.  Were she was lucky enough to model for Rebecca. I think it’s every doll’s big dream to be in front of Rebecca’s camera. Here are the gorgeous pictures Rebecca made.

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Rebecca always gives a doll that something special in her pictures. And the styling is perfection! Love this dress on her from Bellissima Couture.

Thank you my dear friend !!!

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