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There is a new fashion doll coming out. For some weeks now here name is popping-up on facebook and different blogs. And she already showed us her beauty in front of Ernesto Padró-Campos camera. Her name is Séverine.


Je Suis Séverine…. Who is this mysterious lady.

Séverine is the new creation from Julain Kalinowski. We all know Mr. Kalinowski from his Lilli lalka project on which he collaborated with his friend Liz Lee. This project has ended and it was time for a new creation.

And after 2,5 years of working on this new doll she is finally here.

picture by : Ernesto Padró-Campos11094149_1377867602541224_2145773367_o

For the name Mr. Kalinowski was inspired  by the character Severin in Ritter von Leopold Sacher Masoch’s novel “Venus in Furs” and by Catherine Deneueve’s character in the film Belle de Jour.


Séverine’s identity is inspired by books, movies and of course illustrious dolls.

Mr. Kalinowski explains: “Séverine is inspired by Jeanne Moureau in Joseph Losey’s Eva and in Tony Richardson’s Mademoiselle and by my obsession with the actresses in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s films. I was also very inspired by the writer Anna Kavan, and by the novel Good Morning, Midnight by Jean Rhys.

Séverine is based on Caprice, a French fashion doll from 1964 known for her shapely body and – some say -for having been intended to be a Catherine Deneueve doll, but the actress was opposed to the idea.


Mr. Kalinowski chose to have the legs lengthened and the neck elongated.  When one first sees her, Séverine comes across as the love child of Caprice and Lilli being made of hard plastic, strung, and wearing a viscose wig set into a scalp, gives off a very Bild Lilli vibe. One detail should not be overlooked: Séverine does not have molded-on shoes! She is wearing high heels.

picture by : Ernesto Padró-Campos11136525_1377868089207842_1945901502_o

Séverine is limited to an edition of 500 dolls, and each spray-painted doll is then hand painted, airbrushed, and styled by Mr. Kalinowski.

picture by : Ernesto Padró-Campos11086151_1377867402541244_2010883722_o

The majority of the dolls will be Caucasian but there will also be a smaller number of AA Séverine dolls.

Séverine will be available soon as a dressed doll with fashions designed and handmade by Rosina Haskell, Liz Cole, and Sylvia Campbell. Séverine’s look combines thirties nostalgia as seen in 1970’s European cinema.

pictures by : Ernesto Padró-Campos

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I can wait to add one of these ladies to my collection.

Credits: Séverine Dolls


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Photos by Ernesto Padró-Campos