Leopard Breath

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Just a few minutes ago Superdoll London released an amazing outfit on their website.

The outfit is called Leopard Breath. This studio piece has an edition of 10 pieces and 6 of them were available on the site. Yes “were” because by now the outfit is sold out 😉

suit full

And…. just before the sun comes out for summer,

Venus wanted to wear this gorgeous giant cat and brocade little number for you.

Metalic stretch pencil skirt with nude glistening chantilly lace top… versatile high glamour for the early afternoon, accompanied with nude hose and a pair of Inque lace up platform & stiletto heels.

Of course the deal breaker her is this exquisite metalic waffle brocade jacket beautifully bound in the matching giant cat and ruffled in silk chiffon. And the final accessory being a huge bow waist cincher!

Peplum, epulettes and glamour!

Go! Gurl!

blouse full

for more information: http://www.superdollonline.co.uk