Lotus Cage and Grande Bloom

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today this picture was posted on the splash page from the Superdoll London site.


So a big chance that something fabulous would go on sale today.

And it did.

Two salon fashions went on sale. I never saw something sell out so quickly.

The first fashion that was posted on the site was Lotus Cage.

green flower hat dress sales2

And wow I’m so in love with this look. It’s jut perfect on Cameo.

A brilliantly sinuous gown of deep rich colour entwined with pastels of e newly budding Lotus slashed to the waist and accened with bandeau and bows in magenta shot with blue.

The bodice of this gorgeous gown is sil encased in gold mesh with a punge and trap neckline!

Hints of orange, olive an emerald…..

green flower hat dress sales

The second gown that was posted when Lotus Cages old out was Grande Bloom. This was the look that we saw on the splash page.

flower hat dress sales

Where to begin?

From the inside out…..

Ivory silk chiffon print bearing impressionist blooms in dark blood red, pale jade and hints of blue, form the part revealed lining of this floor length gown which bears slashed to the waist side split. A sinuous high neck frock with roll collar and corsage aux roleux in what can only be referred to as a blooming frenzy of photographic flowers.

Like a spring time garden as the daylight fails to reveal electric florals in the subdown sky…. “Sundowner? who said sundowner?”

Venus yelped, popped on her hand colour tinted massive headpiece and too a seat in the garden awaiting a friday evening Blueberry Blitz to get things going!

flower hat sales

What a perfect way to start the weekend !

for more information http://www.superdollonline.co.uk