National Barbie Doll Convention part5

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

The Second Designer Show that evening was from Magia2000


It was setup just like a real fashion show. First Mario and Gianni introduced this years theme LOVE. and they told us the most exciting news that they are going to get Married !!! then their friend Ibrahim took over the presentation and Mario and Gianni introduced the dolls one by one. And OMG this was such a gorgeous collection !!!

M10 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9

After the presentation you could admire the dolls. And if you were interested in buying one you had to put your name on a piece of paper. Then they draw a ticket and one by one you could come to the front and pick out a doll.

I was lucky to end up with two new ladies.

The first one is called Love in the White House.

unnamed-23 unnamed-22

Such a classic look and I can totally imagine Jackie Kennedy wearing a gown like this.

The second one is called Magic Bride in Love

unnamed-24 unnamed-25

I think she is such a special doll. The bride of the Love collection.

She is inspired by a Christian Lacroix bride dress from the FW09’s Haute Couture collection.


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