Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Ebay Auction Part 1

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Next week I will be attending the Madrid Fashion Doll Convention and I can’t wait to go and see my friends. One of the things that I love about doll conventions all around the world is that they do a lot for charity. The Madrid Fashion Doll Convention collaborates with a great charity foundation called “Crecer jugando-Growing playing”. Last year they raised €5500 for their project “A toy an ilusion”.

And again this year after the convention at the end of September the Madrid Fashion Doll Convention will have an online charity auction for this cause with some amazing dolls.

One of the first dolls that I want to show you is this creation by Emperis.


This beauty is called Fei Fei. She is a very special doll. And the first one of the new generation dolls. She has a new face sculpt and a new body that gave her more poseability.


A true muse of fashion.

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