Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Ebay Auction Part 2

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

The Italian Designers Lorena Neri and Adriana Savioli from Cats’n Dolls also created a gorgeous doll for the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention charity auction.


Her name is Sophia.

Sophia is inspired by one of the greatest mastepiece evening dress created by Emilio Schuberth in 1952. The outfit is made of ligh blue satin covered with asymmetric lace completely hand embroidered with tiny, transparent silver stones.


Sophie has a full facial repaint made with professional acrylic colors and finished with protective varnish, transparent and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Sophie comes with pedestal, certificate of authenticity signed by the artists and a refined package completely hand-made out of Murrillo cardboard.


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