Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Ebay Auction Part 8

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I have a new ooak doll that is donated to the Madrid Fashion Dolls Show Convention Charity Ebay Auction to show to you. Her name is Noche in Madrid and she is a creation from the French ooak doll designer Chez Sebastian.


This is her story:

This is the beginning of the twentieth century and ancient history that inspired this outfit in order to pay tribute to the contemporary Haute Couture. The line is classic with timeless mermaid dress. It is made entirely in black tulle embroidered with gold, black and blue lagoon sequins . These embroideries form parallel bands with geometric patterns reminiscent of Aztec dress and play on the transparency of the body of the doll. Two long and gold metal bracelets with curvilinear motifs give to “Noche en Madrid” a dimension as its ancient Greek and Roman women. Her hair was combed to form curls and a flower-shaped cap was lodged there. Her black shoes were worked with lagoon blue sequins. “Noche en Madrid” is a silkstone doll whose face was completely repainted with professional acrylic paint.


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