MFDS Pop Art Vogue Barbie Tm

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I’m at the Gala diner from the Madrid fashion Doll Show Convention and we just got the convention doll.

Here name is Pop Art Vogue Barbie Tm

This is her story:

It all started with a dress, printed with the iconic faces of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. An iconic dress designed by Gianni Versace who made a print for this dress from the famous Pop-Art portraits by Andy Warhol.

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The perfect dress for a convention with a Vogue theme. But who is going to wear this dress. What supermodel will walk down the runway from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show. Will it be Christy, Linda, Claudia or Cindy. No it’s Naomi that will be partying with us in Madrid


And here she is. The convention doll from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show. A supermodel called Pop Art Vogue Barbie Tm. This beauty is created by great collaboration by the best Spanish Artists. Luis Manuel Gomez and Marcelo Jacob worked on the dress. While Luis was working on the perfect fit Marcello recreated this amazing fabric in a Barbie and Ken variation. Monica Nuñez del Castillo repainted and restyled her into a supermodel and created her jewelry. And the illustrator Brani Mladenow created her box with the amazing artwork.


This doll is made with Love. Love for fashion, Love for Barbie and Love for the collectors.


The perfect doll for an spectacular convention

Her edition size is a 100. An official authorized convention doll by Mattel