IDC Workshops

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So what are we doing at the first weekend of the new year. PLANNING THIS YEARS CONVENTIONS !!!

Today the IDC (Italian Doll Convention) send out the digital Convention Booklets.

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So if you are going to this convention check your email because it’s full of great tips for planning your trip.

And from today you can sign up for 3 different workshops on Saturday.

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Monica Nuñez del Castillo is giving a Jewelry Workshop. I’m very lucky to own a few of her pieces and I love her work. Now you can learn how to create fabulous jewelry for your dolls.

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Cecilia Jolly Roger Fioravanti is giving a Blythe Workshop. In this workshop you will learn how to disassembling a Blythe doll, change the eye chips, the body and to mount the sleepy eyes. So bring your Blythe doll to this workshop.

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And also this year I’m giving a paper miniature workshop at the IDC. We will make some Fashionable toys for your dolls. What we are going to make is still a secret. But I will give you a hint.


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For more information about these workshops you can send a mail to :

Hope to see you there !!!