Portuguese Doll Convention Day 1

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today It was the first day from the Portuguese Doll Convention. And it looked like they had a great start.

The theme of this years convention is Traveling for Pink with Rosa Luna. Rosa Luna is last years convention doll and wow this doll likes to travel. She went to almost all the doll conventions around the world last year. I saw her in Milan, Madrid, Rome and even in the US. She has her own Facebook page where you can follow her.



So today they started with registration. And this was the goodie bag.

I love it that they got a passport and flight ticket for this event.

After Registration there was an exposition with some nice Diorama’s and Ooak dolls in the convention theme.

And workshops where you could make accessories for your dolls.

And they also had a fashion show.

The Gala Diner just started 30 minutes ago and I cant wait to see the convention doll, But more on that later tonight. And of course the new Ooak collections from some of my favorite Designers tomorrow in the sales room.

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