Miss Honey Style

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

I’m more a cat person myself but since today I’m following a dog on Insagram. Her name is Miss Honey Style. The Sikstone Yorkshire Terriër.

Schermafbeelding 2016-04-17 om 07.56.06

It’s from the same makers of the Barbiestyle Instagram, so you know this is gonna be good.

Miss Honey was included with a doll and fashions / accessory packs in the past.


2005 New York Yorkie Barbie Accessory Pack.

2006 True Brit Barbie Fashion.

2007 Honey in Holywood Barbie Accessory Pack.

2010 Palm Beach Honey Barbie Doll.

I hope we also will see her brother Sugar some day at this Instagram account. The West Highland White Terrier that we saw with the unreleased Sugar Daddy Ken Silkstone doll from 2010.


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