Bon Bon, Poppy Goes To Paris

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Ok I’m in trouble. I ordered some dolls today. And I know I was not the only one.

Normally I can resist a Poppy Parker doll. But that was until I saw the new Bon Bon Poppy Goes to Paris collection yesterday.


Yesterday night I was chatting with a friend about these dolls. I didn’t order them and she ordered 1. We were so proud at each other. 24 hours later we both ordered all 6 dolls….

So who are these new ladies.

Bonjour Mademoiselle.


She seems to be inspired by 1963 Christian Dior Look (inspiration found by Nata-Leto)


That travel train case alone is worth ordering this doll.

The second lady in this collection is Très Chic Boutique.


She is inspired by a 1963 Pierre Cardin Suit. (inspiration found by Nata-Leto)unnamed-2

She is a gorgeous Redhead. She loves shopping at Lemieux… I googled it and it is an old Opera Glasses house in Paris.

the third lady is called Night at the Ballet. (Maybe Très Chic Boutique is getting her a present)


the fourth lady is C’est Si Bon.


Her look is inspired by this 1957 Lanvin-Castillo cocktail dress.

the fifth lady is Paris in The Springtime.


That Poodle !!!!! omg so sweet. I looks like this lady is the most popular under the collectors.

And the last lady that we could order today is Magnifique.


Her Gown looks to be inspired by the  1950 Chanel gowns in this John French picture (inspiration found by Nata-Leto)


And look at the size of that ring !!!!

I was lucky that I could still order these dolls at the new IT dealer Eta Dolls that is located in Holland. And yes they are still available !!!!

But this were not the only dolls from this collection. 2 ladies are IT Direct Exclusive. And they will be sold by a lottery later this summer.

there is Powder Puff.


She is wearing a baby doll nighty that is inspired by the 1969 movie, “The Love God?” with Don Knotts. Costume Design by Helen Colvig.


I love it that she comes with a teddybear and a diary.

And the final lady from this collection is Miss Amour.


Inspired by this 1963 Dior gown. (inspiration found by Nata-Leto)

And Amour it is. WOW so needed her. That dress id gorgeous. And I love it that she comes with the little perfume bottle.


The dolls will be shipped at the end of the Summer / Early Fall.

I hope I can keep it at these dolls. The completist in me is already looking to the older Poppy dolls…..

I think I’m in trouble…..