by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today I got a new doll from Vietnam. A repaint and redressed Silkstone doll by Aquatalis.

For me Aquatalis was totally new. But they already have a very big fan base. Aquatalis is the brand name from the duo designers QuanaP and AlexNg. And they do everything. They reroot, repaint, make gorgeous fashions and accessories and they do an amazing job on doll Photography.

So here is my new doll.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-26 om 12.05.52I love the face paint. Its so soft. And in real life she has the powder shimmery skin.

I also love her fashion.

Very Chanel 2016 Fall/Winter

Like the dress we saw on Elle Fanning at the Cannes International Film Festival last week.


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