Scammed by a “friend”

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So as most of you guys know I like to post about things I love and try to keep away from the doll drama in this collector world. For me collecting is about fun, friends and gorgeous dolls. But not everything in this collecting world is pink butterflies and unicorns.
I got scammed.
And normally I would keep the things to myself. But recently I found out that many dear friends got scammed by this same person. So I decided to go public with my experience so this person can’t make any more victims in this doll community.

So it started with a doll. Or to be honest it started with 2 dolls. An ooak artist that I admire had an online sale. And I was behind my computer so I didn’t miss this sale. The dolls went online and I bought one of his creations. Then I saw an other gorgeous lady and she was still available. So in just a few minutes I bought 2 amazing dolls. Then my dear friend Alex Jauregui came on line and texted me about this sale. And that he was in love with this gorgeous redhead in a silver gown and that he was going to contact the artists if she was still available. I already knew she wasn’t available anymore, I just bought her a few minutes ago. So felt a bit greedy for getting two dolls. And what is better then making a friend happy. So I told him that if he really wanted that lady the doll was for him. So my friend was very happy he got her and I was happy I could make him happy and I still had my other girl.
“Is it ok if I pay you later?” Yes of course no problem. So the dolls arrived from the US and I send some pictures from this lady to my friend. “Can you bring her to convention and is it ok if I pay you there” Yes of course no problem. Convention came I brought the doll with me and my friend was over the moon. He loved her. He had just one problem. He was robbed in the Hotel. Money was gone, credit cards, everything. The doll community is a very close community. So when a collector is in trouble in a strange country you help him. People lent him money and the payment for the doll would come later.
Time went by and I contacted my friend to ask about the money. And yes I got a payment by paypal !!! Only the next day paypal blocked the money. I contacted my friend and he told me his paypal account was hacked in Russia. But as soon as it was solved he would send me the money again. Weeks went by and I asked about his paypal account. There was a problem and he was getting a new card, so when he ad this card he would send me the money.
And this went on and on and on. In the meantime a grandma died, a divorce took place and many other big drama things. So when we chatted about these things you wanted to be there for your friend and don’t mention the money every time.
But at one point I got irritated. So many excuses something was wrong. And I was getting a little worried.
Then a friend contacted me. If I to had money problems with Alex. This small line made me feel so stupid. I wasn’t the only one my friend took money from and didn’t pay it back. And in the weeks that followed it turned out many other friends were having the same experiences with Alex.
I confronted him. And he was glad that I brought it up. I told him we all cared about him as a friend and we could work on a solution. He was happy it was in the open now and he was very busy but he was getting a bonus soon so he could pay us all back. Then the communication stopped. I was already warned by friends who could not get in contact with him for months now.
I became mad. And if I have to be honest its not about the money but more that I lost a friend. A very good friend, at least I thought he was. And this all for some dolls. How can you be happy with your collection when there dolls in it that you stole from people. It was so easy for him to solve this. If you just keep the conversation open we could have work it out.
I gave my friend and ultimatum. I asked him to send back the money or the dolls. And that I wanted a response in 3 days. And if he didn’t response I would go public with my experience. 3 day later no response, and today I found out he blocked me on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

This is my story. I hope his scamming in the doll world will be over. And I’m very sorry for all the people that are involved.
So look out for my “friend” Alex Jauregui. This is the name he use in the doll world. In real life his name is Arturo Alejandro Villasenor Jauregui. At the time I didn’t thought it was strange that he used a different name in the doll world. He was married with a Mattel employee from Mexico and he wanted to keep these to worlds seperate. At the time a logical explanation but now….. On other social media he is called Foodieart76 and Foodie Collector.