Ooak Doll Festival

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

A few weeks ago I got this mysterious invitation in the mail.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-25 om 01.50.15.png

An invitation to the first ever Ooak Doll festival. This new doll event is limited to 100 attendees and presented by Ninimomo, Magia2000 and Rocky Schmidt And it will take place on February the 16-18 in New York  !!!!

The event will take place in the Crowne Plaza Times Square manhattan hotel on Broadway.


d As a big fan of the designers in the organization I just knew I had to go. And I registrated even before I read the website and the complete schedule of this event 😉

This will become Barbie Doll history and I don’t want to miss this !!!

So what do we already know that we can expect from this fabulous event.

On Thursday there will be an opening reception with a sneak peek of the salesroom and a golden ticket raffle where you can win exclusive ooak dolls. They already announced a few of the artists that will be making a doll for this event: Magia 2000, Ninimomo, Matt Sutton and Judy O’Connell.

On Friday morning they will have the “Unconventional Materials Challenge”. A challenge where you have to create an ooak doll with unconventional materials. This sounds like so much fun. I already have visions of dresses made out of Salami and cheese 😉

During the day there several workshops and the opening of the salesroom. A salesroom that will be only open to ooak artists, doll customizers, people who fabricate individual outfits, accessories, furniture or props for use by doll collectors. Sounds like heaven to me.

In the afternoon there is a trip planned to “Mood Fabric” the famous store from Project Runways and M&J Trimmings.

And in the evening there will be a Platinum Party Diner featuring a tribute to Magia2000 with and auction and a presentation. At the end of the evening everybody will get an exclusive limited edition doll designed and created by Magia2000.

Saturday morning you are going to create your own Ooak doll. Now that can be interested.

This day the salesroom will be open to the public

And after the cocktail hour during diner that night you have to bring your creation to the table. This night will be a tribute to Ninimomo. And also at the end of this diner you will get an exclusive designed doll for this event by Ninimomo.

I can’t wait to go. It all sound amazing. And I just know this will be THE doll event of the year. There are a few spots left. So if you are interested then don’t wait to long to contact the event.

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