Magia2000 The Royal Collection

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

The grand finale of the evening was the ooak show from Magia2000.


This year’s theme was the Royal collection. And wow Royal it certainly was.They were all there. Marie Antoinette, Japanese Empresses, The Pope, Amazones, Disco Queens, Grace Kelly and even a knight.

And the beading !!!! I never saw a collection of the guys with so many details.


Now this is true Haute Couture.

I love it how the guys give their presentation.


While Mario introduce the dolls and tells about the collection Gianni and their friend Ibrahim show the dolls around on the runway, just like a real fashion show.

I wish I was there to see this Iconic collection with my own eyes. 

Bravo !!! Mario and Gianni.

Rebecca made amazing pictures of this collection where you can see all the amazing details. Enjoy !!!