Madrid Fashion Doll Show THANK YOU

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today I came back home from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show convention. Wow I had such an amazing time.

This song is still playing in my head.


First of all I want to thank Rebecca for taking over my blog during this convention. For me this is so wonderful, because this give me so much more free time to have fun.

And a big Thank you to Hoàng Anh Khôi. Who made some amazing dresses for my table this year.

This designer from Vietnam is so talented !!!

Many collectors asked me his name and if he had a website. And yes he has an Etsy shop !!!

He recently listed a new collection called Miss Sophisticated.


And of course a big thank you to Monica and all the amazing people that help her to organize this convention. You guys did such a great job and we all had such a great time.

And I was so honored to get one of those helper dolls. Her name is Mumbai Traveller and I deboxed her as soon as I got home today. She is amazing and looks so great with her sisters from previous years.

And of course a big Thank you for the people at my table and my friends. You guys made this convention extra special.

Cant wait to see you all next year. When the Madrid fashion Doll Show convention is doing a Cassino Cruise !!!